The Benefits of Having a Wooden Fence

metal fencingWhen it comes to home ownership, one of the most important projects one can do to add value, privacy and overall aesthetics to your property is to add a privacy fence. This can be daunting but don’t worry. With a little research and time you’re sure to find the perfect solution.

The first place to start is with the type of material needed for your specific project and there are many factors that come into play. This includes climate, home style, homeowner association, budget and the purpose of the fence.

When selecting your materials weather you will have many options. Your choices include natural wood; pressure treated, chain link, wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum, and even wire. The options are endless. It’s important though to really make sure you do your research because if it’s done right, it will be around for a long while.

Let’s compare a few of these materials to the wood fencing by Texsun, shall we?

Wood. Let’s start off with this material. Let’s face it. One of the most popular types of materials is definitely wood. The reason being is because it looks the most natural and it can be easier to work with and do repairs on. The great thing is you don’t even need to be a pro. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s on the lower end when it comes to cost, and who want a bargain like that? Because wood is a naturally occurring resource, it is always going to be the more cost effective choice, It’s also amazingly durable and can be stained so many colors from a more natural looking color to a beautiful rich, and rustic brown. There are many options when it comes to the type of wood you choose and that basically just boils down your to budget and personal choice.

Commercial Chain Link FencingChain Fencing. It’s probably one of the most common and popular fences that you see. This material does have its purpose but I think that most would agree that it just doesn’t look at all nice. Another problem with this material is the lack of privacy. Everyone that walks by your house will be able to see your yard. You don’t want any pesky neighbors disturbing your peace and quiet. Do you need additional security around your business property or lot? Then you might consider installing commercial chain link fencing which is ideal choice and there is options like adding screen slats or fabric mesh for heighten privacy of the security type fence. Wood is a much more appealing choice in my humble opinion and you can achieve the privacy you need.

Wrought Iron. Who doesn’t like the look of metal fence Houston but it can come at a very high cost and does not provide the same privacy. A big con of using this material is that you will most likely have to hire a professional do the work for this one, (unless you’re a skilled welder and have a blow torch in your arsenal).

Vinyl Fencing. It might look pretty but one must be warned that if you use a low grade of vinyl, you are bound to run into some problems. Vinyl can be a pretty vulnerable material because it is prone to degradation from exposure to the high UV light as well as extreme temperatures also if the job is not on level terrain it can be much more difficult to work with.